Focus on Features: PowerPress Plugin

Focus on Features is an ongoing series that explores the catalog of tools/services offered by Blubrry.

While Blubrry was around for a few years before the PowerPress plugin was released , this product might just be the one that made Blubrry famous. PowerPress has been around since August 2008, and has been an indispensable tool for podcasters who want to control their own podcast RSS feeds.

What it is: PowerPress is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create as many podcast RSS feeds as they need from a single WordPress installation. PowerPress is easy to set up and use for new podcasters, and provides plenty of advanced options for more experienced users.

How it works: PowerPress is a free plugin available for the WordPress content management system. The plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress codex or installed directly through the Plugins section of the WordPress dashboard. PowerPress integrates seamlessly with Blubrry Media Hosting to provide an efficient, streamlined workflow for publishing podcast episodes. But PowerPress can be used with any media-hosting solution.

What it isn’t: PowerPress is a plugin and requires WordPress in order to function. PowerPress can’t be used as a standalone podcast publishing tool. Also, PowerPress doesn’t work with non-WordPress content management systems/web publishing platforms.

From a solo podcast to a large network of shows, Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin gives you everything you need to publish podcast feeds and get your message out to the world. PowerPress is free and easy to use. Start publishing your own podcast feeds today!