Go Pro and Grow Your Show

Spring into pro hostingJust about every podcaster started small, like a seedling in spring, relying on the basics. At Blubrry, we are excited to support their needs by offering outstanding Standard and Advanced Hosting plans. And sure, like that seed buried in the ground, these budding podcasters may not know what they would or could become. Yet, with tomorrow being the first day of spring, it’s a great time to remind newbies and veteran podcasters that they can further nourish their shows and flourish in the podcast industry with Blubrry’s Professional Hosting.

Yes, you, too, can blossom into a professional-level podcast creator, branching into venues you’ve only dreamed of and turning your once-seedling show into a vast garden of audio and video content that grows your audiences far and wide.

But enough with the spring cliches and metaphors. Our pro hosting provides a dedicated plan for those with multiple shows, who require additional storage (including video), and/or are building a network. It offers all the tools you need to monetize and showcase your shows while monitoring audience growth.

Pro hosters can also look forward to:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Advanced Stats
  • Top-tier tech support
  • Unlimited bandwidth, 1TB included
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion
  • And only $10 per additional show

It’s a Good Time to Evolve

Podcasting has rightfully and steadily become a mainstream media platform, with its rise fueled by an ever-growing listener base and an endless array of topics that can be shared. Professional podcast hosting can provide a springboard for propelling your podcasting ventures to greater heights. At Blubrry, we are proud to offer a blend of impeccable hosting capabilities crafted specifically for professional podcasters.

Beyond the fundamentals of podcast hosting, we’re happy to embrace the future with leading-edge Podcasting 2.0 features through all of our hosting plans and Podcast Mirror (for those using other hosts). These dynamic and engaging enhancements are appealing choices for modern podcasters interested in going pro. In an era teeming with competition, podcasters should not only aim for a higher listener base but strategize to establish a long-lasting relationship with their listeners and prospective advertisers. Features such as dynamic ad insertion allow for relevant podcast ads, uplifting the credibility of the podcast and keeping it sustainable in the long run.

Pro hosting transcends the standards of regular podcast platforms by offering an integrated podcast network. This plan encourages networking among fellow podcasters, whether traditional or independent, further expanding the platform’s utility and the podcaster’s accessibility. Blubrry’s advanced network tools turn this feature into a haven for podcasters aiming to create, nurture and expand their listener base and, let’s face it, make friends. 

As one of the inaugural podcast companies with some 20 years in the industry, we remain one of the best sites for podcast hosting. We seamlessly sow a multitude of features under one roof to provide comprehensive professional podcast hosting. And, while many other platforms serve as basic solutions for casual podcasters, Blubrry champions the needs of those and professional podcasters, providing a robust foundation for podcast growth and success. 

Like a seed in the sunshine, Blubrry embodies what it means to be one of the best podcast platforms to help podcasters nourish and grow their shows. We’re not only an excellent choice for professional podcast hosting but also a milestone contributor to the advancements in the podcasting industry. With Blubrry, podcasters don’t just host their content; they gain a reliable partner that guarantees their podcasts evolve and thrive in a competitive digital ecosystem. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and user-friendliness has consistently made us vital to the podcast industry, securing our position as a superior choice for professional podcast hosting.