Podcasting 101, Blubrry’s Podcast AI Assistant – PCI 388

Blubrry PAI AIThis week we released our latest tool for podcasting, our very own Blubrry PAI – Podcast AI Assistant. In this episode we go into detail on how our new artificial intelligence feature for Thrive Bundle customers completely changes the way they prepare for, publish and promote their podcast. This new podcast AI tool is a game-changer for our creators and we promise will simplify the podcasting process, saving all involved precious time and energy that can be devoted to your podcast recordings.

Today’s Hosts: Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell

Last week we talked about the Thrive Bundle at Blubrry. Now, the REST of the story.

Features of Blubrry PAI, Podcast AI Assistant

Pre-Show, Episode Planning Features

  • Topics suggestions
  • Guest questions
  • Will generate show flow content

Post-Show, Episode Podcast Production

  • Transcript
  • Show title suggestions
  • Show summary to use for show notes or more
  • Bullet points
  • Episode artwork
  • Chapters (Podcasting 2.0)

Social Production

  • Social media captions
  • Promotion email content

Coming Later

  • Highlight Clip Creation

We’ve always got more up our sleeve. Want a specific feature, be sure to let us know.

Join us for a Blubrry PAI Platform Walkthrough

Thursday, April 4th, at 5PM EST. Register here.

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