Podcast Widgets and Vid2Pod from Blubrry – PCI 389

In today’s episode of Podcast Insider hosts Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell discuss the new tools released by Blubrry Podcasting: Widgets & Embeds, and Vid2Pod. Widgets and Embeds are aimed at improving engagement with audiences and Vid2Pod makes it incredibly easy for video creators to also become audio creators.

The first of these services, Widgets and Embeds, offers a seamless integration of podcast content into websites and blogs. This tool allows podcasters to effortlessly share their episodes on various platforms, providing listeners with easy access to their favorite shows. With customizability and user-friendly design at its core, the Widgets and Embeds service ensures that podcasters can maintain their brand’s aesthetic while reaching a wider audience.

The second service, Vid2Pod, is a game-changer for podcasters looking to tap into the power of video content. This innovative feature simplifies the process of converting video content into podcast format, opening up a new realm of possibilities for content creation. Vid2Pod addresses the growing demand for versatile content consumption, allowing listeners to enjoy their preferred podcasts in whichever format they choose, be it audio or video. By bridging the gap between video and podcasting, Blubrry’s Vid2Pod service is set to revolutionize the way we think about content creation and distribution in the podcasting world.

Let’s delve into these new features from Blubrry Podcasting.

Today’s Hosts: Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell

Widgets & Embeds

Been available for about two weeks, if you haven’t tried these widgets and embeds out yet you can find them under Show – Manage – Widgets from the sidebar in the Podcaster Dashboard.


  • Recommends podcasts similar to yours
  • This widget uses the PodRoll tag to promote the shows you like and can be used for cross-promotion

Audience Survey

  • Gives a link for your listeners to fill out your survey (from Blubrry)


  • Similar to our WordPress Widget, it gives links and logos for people to follow your show on the podcast apps.


  • Uses the funding tag for Paypal, Buy Me a Coffee or Pateron, Boostagrams (Or any donation site)
  • V4V boosts just like in the apps

Show Credits

  • Shows any show-level credits for your show like Hosts, Producers and editors.


  • Indicates live streaming status in real-time for listeners
  • Gives your live status: future, currently live or past live streams

Trailer Episode

  • Shows a player with your trailer episode


Available for all websites that can embed iFrames, not exclusive to WordPress and accessible from the Blubrry dashboard.


Vid2Pod is a way for video-first creators (YouTubers) to have an audio podcast version of their show available in all the podcast apps without extra work. It will automatically create a podcast episode for any new video you put out on your playlist in YouTube (currently).

  • Automatically converts YouTube playlist videos to audio podcast episodes
  • Targets video-first creators to expand to podcast platforms
  • Automated conversion, metadata pulling, and direct publishing

Together, these two services enhance the podcasting landscape and also empower creators with more tools to expand their reach and engage with their audience in innovative ways.

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