Plan and Services Changes at Blubrry – PCI 285

surveyMore announcements came this week, like the plan and service changes at Blubrry. We’re giving our advanced hosting customers more monthly storage at no cost to them and we’ve released an updated audience survey for podcast listeners to fill out. But, we don’t just talk about us this episode, we mention Podcast Movement Evolutions, a best practice and changing your podcast content into a book. Big thanks to Dr. Denise for joining Todd this time as she’s our podcaster of the month and was a joy to have on the show.

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Best Practice

Stick with it. Publish enough episodes to foster an audience or following.

One or two episodes isn’t typically enough for a listener to know if they want to stick around regularly or subscribe. We tend to see that if podcasters make it past the 7 and then 15 or so episode mark, they’ll stick with it and the same can be said for audiences.

Blubrry News

Blubrry Pro Tip

Turn your podcast into a book


Dr. Denise McDermott, MD – Podcaster of the Month

Question of the Week

Question: If I want to have a guest on my podcast, do they need to sign a release form or anything legal like that?

Answer: It’s not required, but it could greatly work in your favor to have them sign one, even a simple version. Most likely, all will go smoothly with your guest, however on the off chance that it doesn’t, something like this could assist in any trouble you run into with them. Gordon Firemark, a known podcast lawyer, has a downloadable one on his site.

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