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The Obscurecast | Season 5 Finale E30 : “Flash by the back door, well he is quick!”
November 30, 2013

Greetings all, Friends in Obscurity! - Welcome to Episode 30 of season 5, our final episode this season. We've had a second nearly unbroken run for 30 weeks, on the back of a good chunk of last year with season 4,

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-29: “Warlords of Plymouth!”
November 16, 2013

Greetings friends in Obscurity! - Welcome to Obscurecast's Blizzcon special! That's right ladies and gents this one is going to be Warcraft heavy, with a smattering of Diablo and Hearthstone news thrown in for seasoning. -

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-28: “Huge Jackman in Flares”
November 02, 2013

Welcome friends in Obscurity for another dose of British geekey nonsense, lovingly poured into your ear holes! - This week we talk X-Men Days of Future Past, Captain America, and Thor 2 - straight from the Skype/Marvel press preview! -

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-27: “Latenight with Obscurecast”
October 22, 2013

WE'RE BACK! Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Obscurecast Episode 27 Season 5! - We've survived marriage, plague and technical clusterfux and we're back on air! - This week we wrap up the Blizzard news early, including the latest from Hearthstone.

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-26: What the Fox?!
October 03, 2013

Hello Gentlefolk out there in obscurity! -   - This week Sil and Raz bring some good news: StarCraft 2 makes you smarter and players who work together win more!  We also have plenty of news out of Blizzard and Blizzcon, huge news about SteamOS, Dinos,

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-25: Spockception! Set Phasers to Pun!
September 14, 2013

Welcome friends in Obscurity!   - This week Sil and Razer talk Beginnings: Sim City Mac and Final Fantasy 14 to be exact. XBone gets a release date, Steam feels like sharing, and Patch 5.4 drops, what does it mean for the denizens of Azeroth?! -

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-24:
September 02, 2013

Greetings Friends in Obscurity! ZOMGWTFBBQ DareDevil is Batman! We talk about that shocker, and the shocker that Nintendo are losing a D to release the 2DS. - We hear about a Lego MMO, Guild War's 1st birthday,

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-23: Down with the Kidz the Monkeyz and the Scottish!
August 26, 2013

Welcome back folks! After some serious technical difficulties (it's seriously hard to record without headphones or a microphone) Sil and Raz are back to talk Wildstar! Star Citizen! PS4! girls in top hats kicking ass! -

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-22: Shia LaBluerrrrrgh
August 05, 2013

Hello friends - Welcome to Episode 22 of Season 5! Sil and Razer talk hardware, a new Naga mouse, failing sails of the Wii U and failing downloads of ... anything OUYA related. - Then they swing round to the small screen for new of Star Wars Rebels T...

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-21: Lycra-Clad Butt
July 27, 2013

Welcome friends in Obscurity to Episode 21 of season 5 - World of Warcraft is dead! ... again... We talk WoW's recent continued drop in subscription numbers, hints at a patch 5.5 and hints at a new class! Plus: Lock up you rocks...