The Obscurecast

The Obscurecast

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-25: Spockception! Set Phasers to Pun!

September 14, 2013

Welcome friends in Obscurity!

This week Sil and Razer talk Beginnings: Sim City Mac and Final Fantasy 14 to be exact. XBone gets a release date, Steam feels like sharing, and Patch 5.4 drops, what does it mean for the denizens of Azeroth?!

Oh and a little something called Hearthstone happened didn't it!
Plus! We have a winner!

News Highlights


WoW is good for business

Steam allows for sharing games

EA balls up SimCity launch... AGAIN

wow movie to film in vancouver

Xbox One release date

Launch problems for ff14

Hearthstone opens for EU

WoW patch 5.4 drops

And the new warchief is (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Congratulations to Nexonexo!
And Thanks to all who entered our catchphrase competition!
Competition entries of special mention:


Game Well, and Geek Out!"
Don't forget to get your Geek on!
 "No power in the 'verse can stop the obscurity" 
"We are leaves on the wind, watch as we Obscure" 
Until next time we will be obscuring the lines between English and En-Gah-lish"
Until next time we will be obscuring the lines between games and reality. 
"From the Obscurecast to your corner of the geek universe, good night" 


Talking Point for the week 
If you could make one change, to one piece of famous/cult Sci Fi, what would it be?
Greetings friends in Obscurity!
A few obscure things for your consideration -
On the topic of pricing models for MMO's, at this point I feel Guild Wars 2 has close to the perfect structure in my mind. If you harken back to season 4, you may remember how i feel about monthly subs.
On the topic of what change i would make to a Sci-Fi property there is but one answer - BRING BACK FIREFLY!!!!!
Your friend, Rilandune



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