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The Obscurecast

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-21: Lycra-Clad Butt

July 27, 2013

Welcome friends in Obscurity to Episode 21 of season 5

World of Warcraft is dead! ... again... We talk WoW's recent continued drop in subscription numbers, hints at a patch 5.5 and hints at a new class! Plus: Lock up you rocks... we figure out what on earth we saw, or didn't see, from the WoW movie teaser.

Wildstar announces new races. Nintendo spits the dummy because; The Internet! Firefly Online will be a thing... but we are disapoint, and we catch up on the latest out of Comic-Con 2013

Plus we hear from all corners of the Obscuredience with your feed back.

And don't miss your chance to win a copy of XCom Enemy Unknown!

News Highlights 


Mists going to 5.5?

WoW drops to 7.7m subscribers

firefly game... not what we hoped for

wildstar annonces 2 new races  with race details

WoW movie teaser

Comicon details about all the super heroes!




Vivendi going to squeeze Blizzard till the pips squeak?

Ghostcrawler leaks new class on chinese site?

Nintendo pull SSBros single player story for the worse reason going


I’m stealing yours -_-

Competition! Design a new slogan for Obscurecast to close out its new shows on - Win XCom (via Steam) (thanks to Dawnforge for donating)

Talking Point for the week (talking point and any reader feedback)
Favorite SuperHero/Comic Book Film and why?

Next Week
worst comic book film and why?
James Bits of scenery in adventure games like tomb raider that are entirely within reach, but for some unfathomable reason I can't climb or use, that I actually pass right through when I attempt to interact with them. I'm forced instead to to work out some contrived puzzle bullshit to climb to a ledge that even i as a seriously out of shape fat bloke could climb to without breaking a sweat. Really breaks the immersion and believability of the game world.

Limited Inventory!  It's my biggest bane in WoW and started back in Diablo 1.  Why must the game make me choose?  Now I feel driven to head back to a vendor to get some gold out of the deal.
@mylin1: @RzBg talking of hearthstones as in game, eq1 had a jewel game that was launched and played in game, was great for waiting for mana to regen"

Amanda Avengers. Finally someone got it right
Medros Avengers is my answer, because it was the culmination of an awesome and ingenious strategy by Marvel and Disney. :)
James Has to be Iron Man for me. It brought Robert Downey Jr back to us, had a great story and plenty of wit. Great movie. That or the Avengers - Joss Whedon did an amazing job with that film, it's brilliant. Interaction between the various characters was great and made the film even better.