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September 02, 2013

Greetings Friends in Obscurity!
ZOMGWTFBBQ DareDevil is Batman! We talk about that shocker, and the shocker that Nintendo are losing a D to release the 2DS.

We hear about a Lego MMO, Guild War's 1st birthday, and ask are we going to see a return to AAA MMO subscriptions? Elder Scrolls and Wyldstar's new pricing model.

Muse of LoL female character bans in Iran, geekery delivered to your door back home, and dig through some potential BS about the new WoW expansion!

Have at it folks!:

News Highlights


Elder Scrolls online to have real-money shop /and/ subscription

Leaked WoW expansion details, could it be?

Female LoL characters blocked form tornament

Affleck to play batman?

GW2 1st birthday

Lego minifigures


Nerd block and Loot Crate: the boxes for nerds: &

Nintendo releases 2ds

Talking Point for the week 
Next Week: If you could make one change, to one piece of famous/cult Sci Fi, what would it be?

Hello Obscurecast! 
Basically Wildstar has a Buy-to-Play entry fee with a modified monthly fee.  I like Wildstar's option of purchasing play time with in-game currency but my biggest concern would be inflation.  Carbine will have to rigorously monitor the in-game economy to fend off bugs (ex. duping), botting, and hacking (compromised accounts), as well as natural in-game inflation (rising quest rewards, Auction House/economy gurus, dailies).   
Keep up the great podcast! 

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Moment of Obscurity?
Raz: Monopoly drops the iron, internet chose a cat


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