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The Obscurecast

The Obscurecast | Season 5 Finale E30 : “Flash by the back door, well he is quick!”

November 30, 2013

Greetings all, Friends in Obscurity!

Welcome to Episode 30 of season 5, our final episode this season. We've had a second nearly unbroken run for 30 weeks, on the back of a good chunk of last year with season 4, and we're looking forward to season 6 starting in the new year, but as the nights get darker, the holidays get closer, and festive plans are afoot, it's time for us to hang up our microphones, for a month or so.

That said we'll still be bringing you little tid-bits of fun and obscurity, and a few things that make us go 'hmmmm' - so if you aren't already get yourselves and your friends connected on twitter @obscurecast and on the facebook group!

Also - listen in for new on our competition! and check back on for more details coming soon!

This week however, we where joined by the whole gang to see us off, with Damarai  joining Sil and Razerbug for:


Movies, Mounts, books, conspiracies, and a shock departure, in our World of Warcraft round up!

What does Marvel have up their 1970's flared sleeves?

The PS4 and Xbox hit the streets, some of them even work... and some people we wish didn't have them! o.O

And Blizzard is totally not sexist because everyone else is doing it.. right?

News Highlights


Ghostcrawler to leave blizzard

Preview of new WoW novel War Crimes

patch 5.4.2 mysteriously cleans up Karazahn

New Robocop Trailer, are we being Robophobic?

What did we make of Doctor Who?  spoilers end -

Colin Farrel talks WoW movie script

Marvel Netflix TV series see heroes of the 1970s?

PS4 launches... sells 4m  already screwed  - turn it off and on again



Heroes Of The Storm Director Apologizes For Response On Sexualizing Female Avatars

Man exposes wife on twitch through PS4:

New mount and pet for make a wish foundation


Arrow - Xmas 2 parter



Rachel writes:

I wanted you to know that I LOVE you guys. I first ran across you by listening to GGWoW, and I can't decide who I love more! I listen to both shows when I'm at work in the "Postal Business". Of course, I guarantee we don't do the same job as mine requires me to be outside loading and unloading aircraft.

Your review of Aion convinced me to try it out, and I loved it too! I then introduced the game to my husband and two sons who promptly made accounts and started playing as well!

I didn't go to Blizzcon even though I live in the States. I'm still pretty far away i n Kentucky, but I was waiting and watching with all of you. I'm hesitant over the changes, but I will be patient. I do love the updated models and can't wait to see the female trolls.

As for your contest for Blizzcon goodies, I listen on Stitcher on my Android phone. I give you guys Thumbs Up every time. Please please please pick me for your wonderful swag! Oh,