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The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-20: Uncultured Englishman
July 16, 2013

WELCOME BACK! Episode 20 heralds a return of Sil and Raz to the air, ready to bring you your weekly dose of obscurity! This episode they talk Beta's and recent free2plays, including the latest from Wildstar and Firefall! Present a 'humble bundle' of Tab

The Obscurecast | 5-19 Side Quest: “More Thrust!”
July 02, 2013

Welcome friends in Obscurity! The Obscure team is still pulling agro' from the IRL Boss, so Raz and Damarai once again take you off on a Side Quest this week. We talk about Ouya and a potential Google games console, if we're all going to go mad due to D

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-18: “XBox 180°”
June 21, 2013

Greetings once again friends in Obscurity This week we watch Microsoft do a complete 180 and un-announce half of what they said at the One's launch, EA tells us it just wants to be loves, E3 call the cops on the Ouya... and are Blizzard doing server merg

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-17: Quoth the Raven: “F*!%&£!”
June 11, 2013

Hello friends in Obscurity! First: Apologies for the later than usual show this week, agro from the real-life boss has meant that we had trouble getting everyone together to do a show at the same time, as a happy result Razer is joined this week both as

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-16: Titanic Speculations
June 03, 2013

Welcome back Ladies and Gents,! This week we have a game that's literally coming to every device you can think of, Titan is pushed back - shock horror, game we know nothing about we still know nothing about! Wolverine turns up where he's not wanted, wil

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-15: “The Sil’s Giant Squirrel ”
May 25, 2013

Greetings Friends in Obscurity! Sil and Raz are back - and Raz is only slightly still bubonic... They talk Xbox 3.... which is called One. We find out Sil's been streaming wrong this whole time and needs to get her donate buttons out. Nintendo make a dick

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-14: “Lets try that one again”
May 14, 2013

Sil is back! which can mean only one thing: It's time for The Obscurecast! - the gang talks Kickstarter (for a change), EA (for a change), discusses why the internet is saying WoW is dead (for a change) it sets XBox rumours straight, talks movie news, an

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-13: “dude… WHERES MY HOUSE?!”
May 06, 2013

Razerbug is joined by two gentlemen in Obscurity for our thirteenth episode this week; Damarai returns from his sabbatical again, and we hear a blast from the past as Gazimoff, creator of The Obscurecast, and Senior Contributing Editor at Th

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue : Off on Another Side Quest
April 28, 2013

Hello friends in Obscurity! Sil is conspicuous by her absence this week, so the boys are back together to go off on a mini side-quest! This short form show has Bats in it's boardgames and instant NPC's 'just add water', amongst the usual news, reviews

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-11: “Ship just got real!”
April 22, 2013

Hello and welcome to episode 11 of the 5th series of Obscurecast!   It all gets a little tights and spandex (steady!) in this weeks Obscurecast as we talk all sorts of superheroics, from the return of Heroes, to Deadpool, Injustice for the WiiU (litera