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The Obscurecast

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-22: Shia LaBluerrrrrgh

August 05, 2013

Hello friends

Welcome to Episode 22 of Season 5! Sil and Razer talk hardware, a new Naga mouse, failing sails of the Wii U and failing downloads of ... anything OUYA related.

Then they swing round to the small screen for new of Star Wars Rebels TV show and The Flash coming to Arrow.

We hear a whole slew of news out of Blizzard, including that Blizzard is now an "indy" developer again!?

Finally the voice of the Obscuredience talks about the WORST super hero movies of all time... and what is going on with Megan Fox's thumbs?!

News Highlights 


Blizz says no to Vivendi, becomes an ‘indie’ again

Neil Gaiman making a move into video games

No one buying Ouya games

The Flash coming to TV on Arrow - using TV to introduce the JLA instead of films?

Star Wars gets new animated series

Razer Naga redesigned

Wii U being outsold by it’s older brother 1

Titan won’t be subscription based


Blade & Soul and bikini’s?

Player designes weapons in Aion

New Mortal Kombat game in the making?

Wow may improve your social skills

Competition! Design a new slogan for Obscurecast to close out its new shows on - Win XCom (via Steam) (thanks to Dawnforge for donating)
Talking Point for the week 
worst comic book film and why?

Irrelevant Guy
@obscurecast @RzBg Spider-Man 3. There was nothing remotely right about the choices made toward Venom and Harry's Goblin.
Suicidal Zebra â€
@obscurecast @RzBg As an example of Good-bad, I'd present The Return of Captain Invincible. Bad-Bad... Condorman.
@McMonkeyz @obscurecast Captain America (1990) and The Punisher (1989). Lundgren as Frank Castle is bad.

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