The Obscurecast

The Obscurecast

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-23: Down with the Kidz the Monkeyz and the Scottish!

August 26, 2013

Welcome back folks!
After some serious technical difficulties (it's seriously hard to record without headphones or a microphone) Sil and Raz are back to talk Wildstar! Star Citizen! PS4! girls in top hats kicking ass!

We also ask if MMOs need to be made 'less addictive' or be legislated against... just in time for ALL THE NEWS to come out of World of Warcraft and - of course, Hearthstone!

Also: don't miss your chance to win a copy of XCOM enemy unknown just for writing us a slogan!

News Highlights


Wildstar price model announced

Star Citizen doing well

do we need “less addictive†MMOs?

Zatanna coming to Injustice

Next WoW Expansion going to level 100? Legendaries to last till the next expansion

WoW 5.4 date released

The Dark Below a hoax?

Hearthstone beta is out, filthy europeans not allowed - people being naughty

PS4 release date

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Intro music was Decimal Places by I Concur.