Apple Transcriptions a Welcome Addition to Industry-Wide Accessibility

Transcriptions and accessibilityApple announced in January that Apple Podcasts will automatically transcribe episodes starting in the spring. This is excellent news for podcasters throughout the industry as it allows more people to consume and enjoy episodes via the written word. Apple Podcasts will enable creators to link to their own transcript for display or opt for Apple to create one. Apple Podcast transcriptions will increase attention on podcast accessibility, spotlighting inclusive listening experiences. 

At Blubrry, we recognized long ago that podcast transcription and closed captioning offer several significant benefits that can enhance the reach, accessibility, and overall impact of your podcast. We’re proud of our commitment to accessibility and will be looking forward to this update. That said, podcast hosts can immediately enable transcripts in their shows. Our audio player has offered transcripts for two years, and we’re thrilled to see more and more focus on accessibility in the podcasting space.

Of course, we’re constantly evolving and advancing in this critical area. Last week, we updated our audio player to include the most valuable advancements for your podcast. We improved transcriptions, closed captions, sharing and subscribing options, playback speeds, episode artwork and added a handful of new features like chapter markers.

We fully understand and have witnessed how transcripts aren’t merely word-to-word scripts of the audio content. If used effectively, they serve as a powerful tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), increasing the visibility of podcasts on search engines. Transcriptions play a crucial role in bridging communication gaps. The ability to read podcasts empowers those with auditory disabilities, those learning a new language, and those who prefer textual assimilation of information, reinforcing why the service is integral to the podcast industry.

Offering transcriptions has amplified the reach of our podcasters, augmenting user interaction and engagement significantly. It is no surprise why our transcription and closed captioning services resonate as a testament to our commitment to accessibility, setting a gold standard in the industry.

In an era where information is consumed in diverse ways, transcriptions negate the barrier of sound, opening doors for versatile consumption modes – be it reading, listening, or watching podcast content. This inclusivity positions transcriptions as a beacon of growth and accessibility in the podcast industry. The enthusiasm for Apple’s transcription service, coupled with Blubrry’s ongoing commitment to transcriptions and accessibility, is an exciting new chapter for podcasting. It marks the furthering of a more inclusive listening environment and a promising future for this thriving industry.

Apple Podcasts and BlubrryBlubrry and Apple have been allies from the get-go to ensure podcasters receive the very best outcome from all of our services. In November, we released our Premium Podcasting service, which enables podcasters to give exclusive and early-release content while monetizing their shows. Earlier this year, we integrated with Apple Podcasts Subscription shows for easy publishing directly from the Blubrry platform. That is to say, anyone producing a premium subscription-based Apple Podcast can now publish their premium episodes directly through our platform, and we’re very excited about it. 

As a brand, Blubrry has always strived to ensure that our listeners and podcasters have optimal experiences. We’re encouraged as Apple’s initiative could stimulate other platforms to follow suit, ushering in an era of universal podcast accessibility.