Updates to Blubrry’s Audio Player Have Arrived

Offering Chapters and Improved Closed Captions for All Hosting Podcasters

Blubrry has always been at the forefront of innovation, constantly updating to include the most useful advancements for your podcast. We improved the best parts – such as closed captions, sharing and subscribing options, playback speeds, and episode artwork – and added a handful of new features listed below.

Users will notice a new sleek and intuitive user interface and a minimalist look that pleases the eye and enhances useability. Designed with the listener in mind, the new player ensures that navigating through episodes, accessing show notes, and adjusting speed and closed captions is an effortless experience.

New Player Features

  • Chapters! We’ve added chapter markers for those who utilize the chapter tag
  • A new, sleeker look that is also easier on the eyes, such as for those with vision impairment
  • Credits and additional info if a listener wants to add more information exclusive to that episode
  • A cleaner look for our closed captions/transcriptions
  • More straightforward navigation for sharing and subscribing to the podcast

We constantly consider what new advancements we can add to our wide range of podcasting tools. We will continue to implement Podcasting 2.0 updates to the player offering podcasters new ways to engage with their audiences and an enhanced experience for listeners.

The latest look, features found on the right hand side.

For those unfamiliar with the old player, we kept the following…

  • Subscribe options for listeners to subscribe to the show easily
  • Options to share the episode with friends via social media platforms or email
  • Download the episode file immediately
  • Closed captions! Follow-along transcriptions are included in the episode player
  • Rewind and fast-forward
  • Audiences can play the episodes at their preferred speed
A cleaner look for all of the menu options, including Share.

For podcasters in search of a seamless audio experience, the new Blubrry player is poised to transform how your listeners engage with your podcast. Rest assured that the player is reliable and compatible across a wide range of web browsers and mobile devices for listeners and creators utilizing Blubrry’s transcription and closed caption features.

Our audio player is available exclusively to Blubrry hosting customers. Podcasters can review their player settings under Manage Show – Player in the Podcaster Dashboard or under Player within PowerPress. For those who would like to learn more about the ever-evolving audio player, check out our page here.