The Importance of RSS in Podcasting

Without an RSS feed, your show is open to overzealous censorshipWhat is and what isn’t a podcast? Your listeners probably don’t care. You might not either unless-or-until you get shadow-banned, or you lose the rights to your show entirely. While some people consider a YouTube channel a podcast, technically that’s not the case. An RSS (really simple syndication) feed that distributes episodes to websites, podcast clients i.e. Apple Podcast app, Podcast Addict, Spotify, etc. and individuals upon publication is the true determination of a podcast.

It is imperative for a podcaster to own their brand.

We have often commiserated with podcasters whose shows have been delisted or acquired away from them because they’ve made  uninformed choices. Your RSS helps you secure your brand and make sure it stays yours. It is also highly important to educate your audience about where your show’s website is, how to join the mailing list, purchase merchandise and follow or subscribe. Yes, that’s all part of promoting and maintaining your brand.

“An RSS feed easily allows content creators to efficiently distribute their show while bypassing potential unwarranted censorship,” explains Todd Cochrane, Blubrry CEO.  “This means podcasters can publish unrestricted shows on endless topics; sharing valuable,  insights, information and ideas.”

Podcasting is an open medium with no gatekeepers to prevent content from being distributed and or subscribed to on any podcast app etc. From the beginning of podcasting, open RSS has allowed the medium to be free of censorship within the Constitutional guidelines of free speech. 

With your RSS feed, even if you are de-platformed from a large social/podcast site – say because you’re advocating that all horses should all be dyed purple or some such thing – your podcast will live on because you control your brand and show. That is what has made podcasting the successful medium it is today.

As a Blubrry customer, you can be assured that your RSS feed is optimal and open, and your show is secure from overzealous control. That’s why we’re here and make it easy for you submit your podcast on all directories – such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify in addition to the Blubrry Directory – as you grow your show and build your brand. Learn more about how we can help at

Build your audience where you please and, when someone says “I have a podcast,” be sure to enlighten them on the importance of RSS if the creator only has a YouTube channel.

We’ve covered RSS feeds and their importance more than once over the years, you can read here and listen here and learn more about RSS and podcasting here.