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The pros and cons of hosting a ‘live’ podcast

Making a mistake when live podcastingLive podcasting offers several advantages . . . and disadvantages. On the side of pros, it enhances audience engagement by enabling real-time interaction through chat or comments, for a more dynamic listening experience and adding authenticity because its unscripted. Instant feedback from the audience allows for quick adjustments and a better understanding of resonating topics. However, live podcasting comes with downsides. Technical glitches can harm audio/video quality, impacting the listener’s experience. The fixed broadcasting schedule demands more time commitment than pre-recorded episodes. And in live shows, mistakes are uneditable, potentially affecting content quality.

Today’s Hosts: Mike Dell and Todd Cochrane

Live or no live?

Pros of Live Podcasting:

Increased audience engagement: Viewers or listeners can interact live through chat or comments. This creates a more dynamic listening experience.
Authenticity: Live streams have a sense of immediacy and spontaneity, which can give your podcast an authentic feel. People often appreciate the raw, unedited quality of live content.
Instant feedback: With live streaming, you get immediate feedback on your content. If something isn’t resonating, you can pivot quickly, and if something really strikes a chord, you can dive deeper.
Ability to take live questions: You can get immediate feedback and input from your audience. This allows you to have more interactive discussions.
Builds community: Live shows allow you to connect directly with your audience in real time. This helps build a stronger sense of community.
Drives discovery: Being live on a platform can help new people discover your show who may not find a recorded podcast.
Unique content: The conversations generated during a live show are one-of-a-kind and can’t be recreated later. This makes the content more exclusive.
Multi-platform content: You could potentially reach a larger audience by making your content available on both podcast platforms and live streaming services.

Cons of Live Podcasting:

Technical issues: Streaming live has more potential for tech problems like audio/video quality or disruptions. This can negatively impact the listener experience.
Time commitment: You have to broadcast at specific times on a consistent schedule, which is less flexible than pre-recording.
Can’t edit mistakes: Any verbal stumbles or mistakes made during the live show can’t be edited out later.
Limited control: You have less control over the show flow and discussions since it involves live interactions.
Privacy Concerns: Live streaming can potentially expose more personal information, which might be a concern depending on your topic and guest considerations.

Overall, the best option depends on your goals, resources, and audience. Many podcasters find benefits in both live streaming and traditional episodes. A mixed approach can allow you to get the pros of each.

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