AI in Podcasting – PCI 348

AI in Podcasting

Using AI for podcasting can enhance various aspects of the podcasting process, from content creation to enhanced search engine results. In today’s episode we discuss some ways AI can be utilized in podcasting.

Today’s Hosts: Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell

Things you can do with AI

  • Help with writing show notes. Generate detailed show notes, summaries and more automatically.
  • Suggestions for episode titles.
  • Transcripts: Text-to-speech (TTS)
  • Social media: Check out our new partner, Momento AI
  • Clips: Endless content
  • AI can even become the host

Why to use AI

  • Quickly write show notes
  • Get fresh and useful ideas for titles and topics: using AI to brainstorm ideas is one of the most useful ways to refresh your podcast

Why you might not want to use AI

  • Sounds or reads like a machine created it
  • Wrong information (it is using existing info, even if it’s incorrect)
  • Plagiarism worries: Generated content always has an origin point
  • Bad for SEO: Google will be able to detect AI at some point

Not mentioned in this episode, Planet Money from NPR is working on a series of AI created podcast episodes. Learn more about that here and here.

While AI can bring numerous benefits to podcasting it’s essential to maintain a balance and to preserve the human touch. AI tools should enhance the podcasting process as opposed to replacing the human creativity and authenticity that make podcasts unique.

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