Show Off Your Podcasting Accomplishments with Badges & Achievements

Podcasters, highlight your show’s milestones!

We’re always looking for new and fun ways to help podcasters stand out from the crowd. Demonstrate your podcasting achievements proudly with badges for all kinds of creator achievements!

What Are Blubrry’s Badges & Achievements?

You’ve earned some Badges simply by being an active podcaster. We’ve set up Badges to be awarded in your account automatically based on your account actions and podcast statistics.

Examples of Badges and Achievements:

  • Total Podcast Listens
  • Number of Years Podcasting
  • Podcast 2.0 Features Enabled
  • Number of Episodes Released
  • Countries Reached
  • Migrated to Blubrry
  • Accessible Podcast
  • Media Kit Enabled





We encourage podcasters to display their podcasting growth, experience and milestones with our badges anywhere they’d like – such as on social media, their website, newsletters, etc. Establish yourself as a trailblazing podcaster with the data to back it up, all via a charming badge.

Where to Find Your Badges

Head to your Podcaster Dashboard, from there you’ll see Recent Badges above your Statistics Snapshot. Any Blubrry podcast user can earn badges.

How to Get Started

It’s incredibly easy. You don’t have to do anything, besides earn ‘em! You’ll find that the badges you’ve earned based on your show achievements and milestones have already been identified in your account.

Interested in learning more? Head here to our website and then take a look at your accomplishments! Have suggestions for new badges, let us know!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team seven days a week.