Media Mastering by Auphonic Available with Blubrry

Process your podcast episodes easily with Auphonic.

There are countless steps involved in creating a podcast, yet with Media Mastering by Auphonic there is now one less to worry about. We’re pleased to announce that we have integrated Auphonic’s impressive automated mastering processing into our publishing system. It’s available in both our Podcaster Dashboard and PowerPress.

Now all of our hosting customers can easily conquer post production, with the use of Media Mastering with an additional monthly fee. Some standout features of this new tool include:

  • -16 LUFS set for optimal post-production
  • Intelligent audio processing, designed to meet today’s podcast audio standards
  • Extremely useful options for those who record separately, in different locations, on different microphones, guests, etc.
  • Starting with what we consider to be the best-in-class setting that you can modify.

Not everyone can afford to have an editor to master their media. Auphonic, a trusted name in audio processing used by many members of our team for years, was the only choice and one that we fully endorse.

Our CEO, Todd Cochrane, has mastered well over 2,000 podcast episodes with Auphonic and attests, “It is a service I cannot live without.”

How to Get Started with Media Mastering

Media Mastering is available for free until Feb. 17. We’ve made it accessible for 30 days since its launch for any hosting customer to try out. During that time period, you’ll find it as part of the publishing process where you upload your media file. After that, you’ll find it on the Create Episode page within our publisher and within the upload episode section of PowerPress.

Learn more about Media Mastering by Auphonic from Blubrry on our website, and listen to the audio differences in our examples. Find more details about Media Mastering by Auphonic on our website. Any questions? Reach out to our support team seven days a week.