Podcast Sound – PCI 329

The great debate in podcasting: sound vs. video. Podcasting is most often known as audio, but in recent years has taken a sharp turn to video as well. Podcast sound only reigns king for regular publishing, but video has a purpose. Mike and Todd discuss podcast sound, some amazing new Blubrry releases and we feature a pro-production tip about you guessed it – podcast sound.

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Best Practice

While not accessible to everyone, if you have the means, consider upping your bandwidth to reduce issues when recording.

If you can’t upgrade your bandwidth, here are some tricks that may help

  1. Do not use wifi; use a wired connection to your router.
  2. Do a double-ender recording where each host records themselves. 
  3. Do not use video on either end.

Blubrry News

Blubrry Pro Tip

What do you sacrifice with bad sound?
Thanks for the tip, Kate

Question of the Week

Question: What are LUFS? Why is -16lufs the standard for podcasting?

Answer: Lufs stand for “Loudness Unit Full Scale” which to ordinary people means as loud as a system can handle. For podcasters, it just means that your show’s audio will be as loud as it should be, and if we all do -16lufs, people won’t have to change the volume on their device between shows at that value. Not sure who or why -16 is the standard, but it is for now.

More reading for the sound geeks:  https://www.edmprod.com/lufs/ 

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