Quicklinks: A faster way for podcasters to connect their online presence

Podcasters, simplify your online discoverability with Quicklinks

You can now share all of your podcast-related links from one location. We just released Quicklinks, a one-stop URL at podcast.show that comprises the links of your choosing, available to all Blubrry hosting customers.

But it’s not just links, it’s critical information such as a show bio, host name(s), podcast directory listings and a player of your latest episode. You’re probably familiar with a central link to find all things related to your favorite content creator. Now, as podcasters, you can create one for yourself with Blubrry.

“As a podcast listener, I don’t want to have to look in multiple places to access information about my favorite creators,” said MacKenzie Bennett, Marketing Specialist and co-host of Blubrry’s Podcast Insider. “As a podcast creator, I put too much time into the content of my shows to then waste it on the difficulties of sharing. This is a win-win for everyone.”

Prioritize the means to reach your audience by creating a simple, shareable URL – you can even choose your own keyword for the URL. Discovery in a pool of creators is made easier by sharing a central URL that displays all of the ways in which your listeners can connect with you.

As you grow as a podcaster and overall content creator, simplify the act of discovery by putting it all out there via one location with an easy-to-remember URL at podcast.show/yourkeyword.

Take a look at our own Quicklink URL, displayed and linked below.






Now, it’s time for you to create and share your own memorable URL with your podcast audience. In almost no time at all you’re able to assemble the most valuable ways in which people can reach you or your content.

Where to Find Quicklinks

Look for it in the sidebar of the podcaster dashboard, under Show and then Manage. From there you can get started by adding your bio, social media handles, destinations, etc.

Learn more about Quicklinks on site, here. Premium Quicklinks featuring additional capabilities will be available later in 2023. Any questions, please reach out to our support team here. And, as always, let us know what you think!