Audience Survey Results Added to Blubrry Podcast Stats

Audience demographics graphically available in podcaster dashboard.

Last month we updated our audience survey and promised an audience survey results section within our podcast statistics. You can now check your results with beautiful charts and graphs that look into the type of listeners listening to your podcast. If you’re curious about your potential audience results but want to learn more about audiences for the industry, check out the latest from Edison Research’s 2022 Infinite Dial Report, where they provide podcasting data.

Where to Find Audience Survey Results

A newly updated tab in the podcast statistics section is called audience. From there, you’ll see new charts and graphs representing the results, and you can download a CSV of your results overall.

How to Use This Data

  • Add it to your media kit.
  • Back up your podcast stats info with relevant info about your listeners.
  • Make strategic marketing decisions, such as connecting more with your younger Gen Z audience and their interests.
  • Take it to heart, and by that, we mean sit back and reflect on your results and how they connect to your Impactful Play and Retention data.

Focus your efforts on pleasing your audience with more curated content and working better to fit your listeners’ habits, lifestyles, and preferences. This reliable demographic data is in demand all over the podcasting industry, and you have the power to get it directly from your listeners

One of the most exciting parts of the new survey data is that those surveyed can leave you a comment, which they can keep private or be shared publicly on Twitter. If a listener left you a positive comment and clicked ‘public,’ you can share that with your Twitter audience directly through Blubrry.

If you’re not already using our audience survey, it’s incredibly easy to get started. We provided some ideas on how to do that here. An audience survey can help you grow your audience. This is one of many tools we’ve refined and re-released to assist podcasters in publishing their show and continuously analyzing and learning how to best grow their show. 

Those who have used the audience survey previously will see their past results already implemented. Those not utilizing the audience survey will see results after one completed survey.

Lastly, our audience survey is available to anyone with a Blubrry account. You’ll find the best use case for the survey results is when you’re also using our hosting and have access to the Impactful Play and Retention data from our stats. Standard stats users receive the visual results, but free stats users do not and can download the raw data in a CSV.

A visual representation of collected data is now easier to comprehend and view changes over time. We hope you find the visual results compelling and helpful in addressing your audience and podcast content in the future. Read here and get started with yours, found under Audience in Blubrry’s podcaster dashboard, to learn more about audience surveys.