Spotify vs. Apple Podcasts – PCI 262

Spotify vs. Apple Podcasts, a seemingly never-ending debate in the podcast world. As the number of podcasts launched and released has gone up in the past few years, as had the number of podcast listeners. One analyst recently claimed Spotify is catching up to Apple Podcasts, when it comes to podcast directory and we (MacKenzie filling in for Mike) just don’t see it. Tune in to hear why.

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Best Practice

Paying for and/or obtaining podcast art. Be careful who you choose.

Blubrry News

Blubrry Pro Tip

Don’t worry about Spotify or Apple picking up your episodes if you are doing it the Blubrry way! by Toby Goodman

Question(s) of the Week

Question: Does Blubrry support video podcasting?

Answer: Yes! Files are larger so you will need to be on an advanced plan or Pro Hosting. All the functionality is there in all of our hosting plans for video, it just depends on your file storage needs.


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