What Day Should You Release Your Podcast, featuring Diana Winkler – PCI 235

Calendar bulletin boardMany podcasters have this question: what day should you release your podcast episode. There isn’t a straight answer on this, but a few solid recommendations that we go over in our experience and the overall industry. We also chat about some podcast event changes and what’s going on with Blubrry (PowerPress).

Thanks to Diana from DWS Ministries for joining Todd this time around.

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Best Practice:

Is there a best day of the week to release your episodes?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: Not really, unless your show is news related and the news you cover happens at a particular time each week. For example, an NFL or NASCAR podcast might be best released on Monday’s after the game/race or on the Friday before. There are days that, across the podcasting space, that more podcasts are downloaded than other days. But that doesn’t mean those are the best days to release a show. It just means that more people get their podcasts on that day than other days.

Just like most things, do what works for you. It won’t matter too much if you release on Thursdays or Mondays, just that you release episodes. Try to be consistent in whatever schedule you choose and people will build you into their schedule of listening.

Blubrry News:


Diana Winkler: DSW-Ministries: A Musical Safe Haven, Empowerment Over Abuse

Connect with Diane…

Question(s) of the Week:

Question:  How do I get my podcast on <whichever> podcast listening app?  (Apple, Google, Stitcher, Spotify and all the rest).

Answer: There isn’t a simple one sentence answer, but luckily it’s not difficult. Follow the steps below.

  1. Establish your RSS feed aka publish an episode.
  2. Submit that RSS feed to your desired directory/app. All directories and apps are different but we have guides on how to submit to the most popular places.
  3. Continue publishing. It’s as simple as that; when you publish those directories and apps will update accordingly.

  Learn more about it here, or head to PowerPress Settings and then Destinations.


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This weekend, I will be explaining the podcast namespace tags and why you might want to start using them. 



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