Use Your Podcasting Skills On Clubhouse

Your Audience Needs What You Have to Offer

Clubhouse app on iphone and headphonesSince we last covered Clubhouse on Blubrry’s Podcast Insider blog, such publishing icons as PCMag and Fortune Magazine have called the Clubhouse app ‘Buzzy’ and ‘a new medium.’ All indications are that the app’s user-base is continuing to grow exponentially. For this reason, we want to revisit Clubhouse and remind you of three skills you possess as a podcaster that will give you a unique advantage as a Host on Clubhouse.

Three Podcast Skills to Use for Clubhouse

  1. Bring the format of your podcast into your room on Clubhouse. If you have released more than three podcast episodes, odds are that you have discovered a flow for your show. As an example, you might start with a personal introduction and announce your episode’s topic; address your topic; share listener feedback; and end with a call to action. There is no reason to alter a format that works for you. The only accommodation you should make as you join Clubhouse is to include live listener feedback during that segment since you have live people listening to you.
  2. Continue to serve your niche on Clubhouse. As a podcaster, you know the power of the niche. When/If you host a room on Clubhouse, clearly title your room and cover topics limited to the niche you are most familiar with. By doing this, the people most interested in your specific topic will find you and appreciate what you have to offer.
  3. You have experience in creating an online community built around your topic: Trust your experience. Trust that there is interest in the niche you cover. Trust that people will like the format of your show. Trust that you have both the personality and the expertise in the subject are where you will be respected and viewed as an expert in the field.

Bonus Skill: Be consistent. As a podcaster you know that you can become an anticipated part of your listener’s life by consistently producing content. If you consistently offer a live show at 7 p.m. on Tuesday evenings on Clubhouse, your listeners will plan their lives around your show so they can join. People planned their lives around a live television schedule for decades before VCRs and DVRs were created. With Clubhouse, you can take advantage of event programming with consistency. 

These are podcasting skills that will serve you well on Clubhouse. However, keep in mind what we said in our previous article about Clubhouse. Check out Clubhouse as a means to promote your podcast, but keep your focus on your podcast audience and continue to offer them high quality, all-access content that they expect from your podcast.

And as a reminder, if you have trouble balancing the time needed to make a high quality podcast and the time you would like to invest in Clubhouse, consider outsourcing the technical aspects of your podcast (including post-production editing and writing expert show notes), with Blubrry’s Professional Podcast Production Services.