The Biggest Benefit of Clubhouse for Podcasters

…Versus it’s Biggest Shortcoming

Clubhouse app on iphone and headphonesClubhouse, a “drop-in audio chat,” offers podcasters an innovative marketing opportunity. A key component of marketing is to know your audience and part of knowing your audience is to go where your audience is. Launched about a year ago, Clubhouse’s exponential growth of users continued throughout February 2021, with corporate heads dreaming of becoming the next Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Clubhouse users are people accustomed to listening to audio content on their phones and other iOS devices, and would probably enjoy your podcasting content.

How can you use Clubhouse to your advantage? Simply, be in front of people on Clubhouse offering value and encourage people to go check out your podcast. To do this, quickly learn the Clubhouse etiquette and start hosting rooms. The Australian company Impactiv8 has created maybe the best overview of Clubhouse’s history and etiquette. After reading the article, you’ll be ready to host your first Clubhouse room.

What should you present? How about talking about whatever you talked about on your most popular podcast episode? What should you title your room? How about “[Insert your name here] talks about [insert topic here].” And then just talk. With 10 million Clubhouse users, someone will come and listen to what you have to say. If you make sure to mention your podcast a few times, people will go over and check out your show.

Here is the not-so-good news… At this point, you need to be invited to Clubhouse by an existing user, so you’ll need to know a member before you can become one. One way of finding a member is to sign up and then access your contact list, which isn’t ideal. Clubhouse also is a listen-live-only platform. What you share with your room is streamed and people need to be in your room on Clubhouse to hear it. This is contrary to the Blubrry Way. Blubrry strongly believes you should own your platform and control your listener’s experience, including access to the information you want and need at all times.

With that in mind, definitely check out Clubhouse as a means to promote your podcast. But keep your focus on your podcast audience and continue to offer them high quality, all-access content that they expect from your podcast.

If you have trouble balancing the time needed to make a high quality podcast and the time needed to market your podcast effectively, consider outsourcing the technical aspects of your podcast (including post-production editing and writing expert show notes), with Blubrry’s Professional Podcast Production Services.