Starting – Or Growing – A Podcast Network? Blubrry’s Enterprise Services May Help You Grow

For the typical solo podcaster, our entry-level, all-in-one Blubrry WordPress Website solution is probably all you’ll need for a while. But if you’re a network with several shows – or are planning to grow – it’s a good idea to find out more about our Enterprise services.

These services can simplify and streamline the publishing process for growing networks, offering customizable, white-label development services and expanded stats that make it easier to drill down on each show’s performance across a variety of factors, including partial download data.

“Networks with 10 or more shows may want to start considering enterprise-level statistics, but it’s typically more cost-effective at 25 shows,” says Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry. “Blubrry WordPress Website Enterprise level is really designed for anyone building a network of shows, so if a network has five or more shows they are probably ready to go to that level.”

Some of the benefits we can offer Enterprise clients:

  • Unlimited programs and episodes: Produce as many shows as you’d like.
  • Syndication (Multi-podcast feed management): Control all of your feeds simultaneously
  • Cover all distribution types: Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, etc.
  • Partial and completed download statistics: Get the details about how many people listened.
  • Streaming and application downloads: Find out how people listened.
  • Reports by network, channel, program, episode and episode groupings: What category do people fall in?
  • 150+ detected applications (Apple Podcasts, Android, Chrome, Firefox, etc.): Learn about the most popular applications.
  • Geographical reporting (country, region, and city) – Discover regions where your show is popular.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage: Don’t worry about exceeding a limit.
  • Integrates with WordPress: Works smoothly with WordPress, especially the No.1 plugin, PowerPress.
  • Not using WordPress? Publish directly from Blubrry’s platform.
  • Free media migration tools: Easily move your media from a different company
  • Pricing is dependent on your network’s specific needs, and typically include professional hosting costs and maintenance for your network’s size as well as the ability to rebrand our simplified WordPress-based website service, Blubrry WordPress Website. 

Enterprise services are just one more way that Blubrry is dedicated to being the only media company that offers complete solutions for all podcasting needs. Not sure you’re ready to take your podcast to the Enterprise level? Get in touch today for a no-obligation estimate and find out if we can help you grow.