Google’s New Podcasting Strategy – YP30

Recently Google has been releasing some articles about podcasting and how they'll be diving into the industry in the near future. Google's new podcasting strategy is already compatible with those using PowerPress and Podcast Mirror. Todd Cochrane is back on this episode and discusses the NAB experience with Mike Dell. Stick around for a few support tips as well.

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Todd's take on NABshow 2018. He's been to NAB, CES and other conferences countless times. He's got some takeaways that some others wouldn't be able to pick up on.
Podcast Movement!: Consider attending summer 2018. This is the main podcasting conference every year and once again we'll be there not only in attendance but as a partner and exhibitor. Use the code BLUBRRY to get 10% off your ticket.
Google’s “new” podcast strategy: Read here their 4 part series posted on Pacific Content. This is step in the right direction for the entire industry, but something we've been focused on for many years. We're looking forward to it improving discovery.
PowerPress is already compatible with this. If you are using PowerPress (or Podcast Mirror) you are already covered.


Again, we love social media but Facebook is not a good primary way to get help from support at any company (unless specified). Our Facebook Messenger and Twitter direct messages are not actively checked, so if someone is reached out that way we might not know for… a while. Please use or the contact form at for our support. Especially if we've responded via social media before in the past asking you to contact us via the contact form or email. For other companies, look for their support email or form on their website.
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