Three Podcasts Nominated For A Peabody Award – YP29

Quick recap of the NABshow in Las Vegas last week where Todd Cochrane, Mike Dell and MacKenzie Bennett were in attendance for the Blubrry booth. Three podcasts were nominated for a Peabody award this year, and one of the next events in the Pod Summit on May 5th in Western Canada. Stick around for these topics and more on Your Podcast by Blubrry. Only Mike is around for this episode as Todd is on assignment. Full show with both hosts coming up in two weeks!

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Had a great time at NABshow at the Blubrry booth. We were in the inaugural Podcast Pavilion in South Hall Upper. Made some nice contacts with people from radio, TV, digital and podcasters. It was a great show overall and we're looking forward to heading back next year.
Peabody Awards – podcasts nominated. Ear Hustle, S-town and Uncivil: The Raid.
PodSummit in Edmonton, Alberta Canada May 5th. If you're in that area, don't miss it.


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Thank you to Shawn and Dave for covering for Mike last week in support! He got a little behind, but those guys took the brunt of the tickets and emails from me while I was on travel.  You Guys ROCK!

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