6 Reasons Blubrry’s Podcasting Customer Support Can’t Be Beat

Here at Blubrry, we’re pretty proud of our customer service. After all, we’re all podcasters here too, and our customers’ success is always our number-one priority. We don’t mean to brag…but here are six reasons we believe our podcasting customer and technical support is second-to-none:

1. Free phone support. Blubrry’s tech support is second-to-none. Tickets are answered within 24 hours – often much sooner – and calls are either answered live or else returned within the day. “I like to say we’re the only podcasting hosting company with a phone number,” says Lead Support Technician Mike Dell.

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2. West coast coverage. We don’t assume that all of our customers only have problems or concerns between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM EST. We have a dedicated support team to serve customers on the West coast – or those who may simply like to burn the midnight oil.

3. Airtight ticket-based support. Our internal tracking system ensures that your ticket won’t go missing and will get a timely reply. And if you prefer not to submit a support ticket, we offer many other ways to reach us! 

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4. Basic and advanced plugin support. Need to find a quick answer to a simple question about PowerPress? Chances are good that our plugin resources page has the answer you need. But if your question is more complicated, don’t worry! We also offer one-on-one podcast consulting for a more personalized deep dive into your particular issue.

5. Value-laden support forums. Blubrry customers are smart, generous, and many have been around the block enough times to figure out answers to the most common support questions. Before you make a call or send an email, it might be worth checking out the Blubrry forums to see if a fellow podcaster has already found out the answer – and is willing to share!

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 5.48.49 PM6. Support beyond tech. We know that podcasters have questions that go beyond feeds and plugins. Maybe you need someone to walk you step-by-step to help you better understand our products and services. Or maybe you want to learn more about advertising opportunities. Either way we have a dedicated staff member to help get you the answers you need.

Want to learn more? Check out our Support page for a list of contacts and links.