New Monetization Opportunities For Podcasters: Join Our Priority Advertising Partner Program!

Blubrry has been working to connect podcasters with advertising opportunities since 2005. We’ve watched as podcast monetization has evolved, and knew it was time for to formalize our process so that we can develop stronger relationships with you and the companies who are in a position to financially support your show. As a result, our brand-new Priority Advertising Partners program was born.

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider joining: 

  • Priority Advertising Partners receive a higher share of profits. You aren’t required to join the program, but if you do, you’ll receive a 70% gross revenue share, while non-partners receive 50%. 
  • Our Priority Advertising Partner agreement is non-exclusive. That means that you can still continue to sell your own advertising and work with partners independently from us.
  • You still get to choose which advertisers you work with. While we expect our Priority Advertising Partners to demonstrate that they are serious about working with our advertisers and media buyers, you aren’t required to accept every campaign that is offered to you, though we do ask that you consider each carefully and only turn down campaigns if you have a good reason. Since our campaigns all offer a minimum gross CPM of $20 or an appropriate flat rate, you can be confident that you’ll be offered only quality deals.
  • The process is quick and streamlined. One of the biggest goals of the Priority Advertising Partner program is to simplify the process of connecting podcasters and advertisers. By formalizing our relationship we make it easier to connect with the podcasters who are serious about working with advertisers. If you join, we know that’s you!
  • We work for you. If you’ve ever tried to self-sell advertising on your podcast, you know how much time and energy it can take! While we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to place ads on every show, we will work hard for you, bundling your show with others to make you more attractive to advertisers and media buyers and actively pitching your show.

Wondering if your show is a good fit for seeking sponsors through the Priority Advertising Partner program? Tech, education, business, sports and adult-themed shows are currently in high demand, but advertising in niches across the board is growing, so whether your show is about aeronautics or zoology, there may be an advertiser within our program looking for a show like yours.

And rest assured that we’re looking for quality, not numbers. “Blubrry has never focused on a show’s size – we have always looked at content first when building campaigns,” explains CEO Todd Cochrane. “A podcaster with a smaller audience needs to understand that the campaigns may not pay the mortgage, but with the right advertiser, that podcast can earn premium CPM’s.” Our bulk buys allow us to include shows of all sizes, so if you’ve ever heard that you have to have 10,000 downloads per episode before a sponsor will consider you, don’t let that stop you! Follow our step-by-step process to joining the program, or skip right to the requirements and application on our Priority Advertising Partner page.

We know you work hard to make your show great, and we’re excited about this new way to support the podcasting community. Feel free to email us or leave a comment if you have questions. We want to help your podcast grow!