4 Podcast Services We Can’t Help Boasting About

At Blubrry, we put podcasters first. That means that behind the scenes, we’re pretty much always cooking up some way to make podcasting easier, better, and more fun for our content creators. With so much of our time going into improving our services and developing new, groundbreaking products, we don’t have a lot of time for tooting our own horns. We hope you won’t mind if we take this opportunity to boast a little and share the reasons we believe we’re the most complete and robust podcast service provider on the planet:

  1. World-Class Podcast Hosting. Blubrry’s content delivery network (CDN) is built upon the same infrastructure used by many powerhouse podcasts like Serial. Our podcast hosting is built specifically to handle traffic spikes, so your audience will always be able to access your site and listen to your show – guaranteed. Already have a show hosted on another platform? We’ll migrate your show to Blubrry for free and offer tools to update your site once it’s moved over. We also offer a 25% monthly storage overage allowance for those longer-than-anticipated episodes.
  2. Dependable, Accurate Stats. Blubrry’s podcast stats are backed up by 11 years of development history and we pride ourselves on their accuracy. Whether you’re seeking sponsors or just want to know how your show is doing, our stats help you understand and communicate your traffic numbers.
  3. A Top-Notch, FREE Podcasting Plugin. Developed by podcasters for podcasters, PowerPress is the number-one podcasting plugin for WordPress and powers over 50,000 podcasts. Its features multiple audio/video player options, subscribe to podcast tools, podcast SEO features, and more.
  4. An All-In-One Podcasting Solution. Blubrry WordPress Website WordPress hosting is a groundbreaking new service that now makes it possible for would-be podcasters to finally get that show up and running. It’s like an “easy button” for podcasting, and best yet? A basic account is FREE.

Need more reasons to switch to Blubrry hosting? We offer free listener surveys you can use to gather information about your audience, and you may be included in advertising opportunities. With WordPress hosting included in every podcast hosting and pro stats you can’t  go wrong.

Bottom line? At Blubrry, we put you, the podcaster, first. We’ve been in this space for 11 years, and we’re all podcasters too. We’re committed to hearing your problems and creating technology solutions so that you can focus 100% on creating great content. As long as you’re out there producing podcasts, we’ll be here innovating to make podcasting easier and more fun for you. Plus, our responsive and friendly customer service techs are available to lend a helping hand every step of the way. Why not consider switching today?