Reach Your Audience with Audioburst

Empowering podcasters with the tools they need to succeed.

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Receive automated transcripts for every episode, within a user-friendly interface that automatically segments your content into short-form, fully customizable ‘bursts’ that you can effortlessly share to social media.

Join Audioburst Creators for free, and your most recent 10 episodes will be ingested to the platform and transcribed. To continue using Creators with newer content, click upgrade and select the monthly or yearly subscription that suits you best. Use this exclusive coupon code BLUBRRY30P at checkout. Find out more here.

How It Works

Audioburst is an AI-powered audio search platform that connects listeners with audio content.

They transcribe, analyze, index, and segment audio content into searchable ‘bursts’ to provide a more dynamic and personalized listening experience for your users with the benefit of seamless website integration and social sharing.

Podcasters can utilize:

  • Transcription: A vital part of podcast marketing. With Audioburst, all of your episodes are automatically transcribed within minutes of you hitting publish. Each time a new episode of your show is added to the library, the transcript will be emailed directly to you for use in tagging, further content creation, and improving your XEO. Popular in show notes and super helpful for those that are looking to accommodate the hearing impaired.
  • Edit: Automation and making everything easy is what we live for, but sometimes things need a human touch. Their editor puts you in complete control of your content, allowing you to capture the perfect moment by sound or transcript. Then you need only to choose your title, adjust your tags and you’re ready to go.
  • Share: All bursts can be shared with your favorite social networks directly from the editor. Alternatively, you can embed a player on your website for easy content access.

To learn how to use Audioburst, take a look at the tutorial here. Their team is available if you run into any snags, contact them at