Audioburst: An Easy Way to Extend Your Podcast’s Reach

This platform’s tool can capture and build your audience.

AudioburstIf you’re like most — if not all — podcasters, you’d like to expand the reach and influence of your podcast. To that end, consider the services offered by Audioburst, a platform that indexes audio to create short, topical segments of information for search and playlists. With Audioburst you can repurpose your audio content into brief video files to use for promotion, engagement or expansion of your core message.

Here are three scenarios that can benefit from Audioburst’s resources:

  • Imagine someone unfamiliar with your show is visiting your podcast’s website. Sure, that potential listener can read a little bit about you and check out the show notes from your recent episodes. Yet the next step of engagement would be to click a play button and listen to a full episode, and that can be a large time commitment. By embedding an Audioburst player on your website, you offer prospective fans the opportunity to hear a brief audio segment of your show (which you can edit for this purpose). This will encourage greater initial engagement with your content and drive more people to listen and download your show.
  • Podcasters sometimes struggle with what to post to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and other social media outlets. Since Youtube is searched most frequently, many podcasters resort to uploading the audio of their latest episodes and allowing YouTube to display a static image of their podcast’s artwork as it plays. Not too engaging, right? With Audioburst, podcasters can upload their edited clips to Youtube and include how and where to listen to their full show in the video description.
  • Lastly, there are times that having audio-only content is a disadvantage. People rarely have the volume up on their phones as they scroll through their social media feeds. Podcasters can create “Audiobursts” that display a transcript of their audio as another means to engage potential fans. This text could entice casual followers to listen to an episode that they would not have otherwise noticed.

Blubrry is proud to call Audioburst a business partner. We have a web page dedicated to a special offer from Audioburst and learn more from our interview with their CEO, Amir. If you are considering using audiograms to expand your podcast’s reach, now is the time to try this free trial. Are you using Audioburst? Tell us how it has benefited you and your show.