Why You Should Have a Website for Your Podcast – PCI 226

Recording podcastThere are plenty of reasons why you should have a website for your podcast. Blubrry has the No. 1 podcast plugin for WordPress, so we’re obviously big believers in having your own website, but this episode we go over some of the important reasons why you should have one. Many podcasters man the entire show, website, marketing, etc, and is often a thankless job.

Speaking of which, Todd has had his own site and been handling his show for a decade and a half and is celebrating 1,500 episodes this week 👏

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“Todd Cochrane’s Geek News Central will today release its 1,500th episode in a live recording from 7.30pm ET via Facebook. Todd is also CEO of Blubrry, and tells Podnews of the benefit of using your own product: “While I love doing my show for my family of listeners, I strongly believe the only way to stay abreast of what is happening, and the struggles podcasters face in building a show and keeping advertisers happy, is by being in the trenches creating content.” Congratulations to him.”

Best Practice:

Now more than ever, having a website for your show is important.

  • Having your own website gives you a place to be found outside of any podcasting app.
  • You have the power to design your site that looks better than a show listing page.
  • You can do more with it than just podcast (Like blogging, link to your own products, or whatever you want to do).
  • Provides better SEO in the search engines.
  • Helps you be found for your topic.
  • Looks more professional (of course that is up to you to make it look good!).
  • In the rare case you get removed from some other places, people know where to re-find you. (of course, tell them in the show).

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  • PowerPress 8.4.8 released Jan. 13. Bug fix for account linking and other minor bugs. 
  • A lot of the Blubrry team are also podcasters. Shawn, Dave, Jeff, Barry, and of course Todd and Mike, all have their own podcasts.

Question(s) of the Week:

Question: I submitted my podcast to Amazon two weeks ago and haven’t heard anything back from them. What gives?

Answer: Amazon does not provide any notices or feedback to podcasters (or hosting companies) when you submit to Amazon. Just give it a week or so and then search for your show. The first place to search is music.amazon.com (you have to log in using a free Amazon account).

On Saturday’s Podcast Help Desk episode, “Can you play music in your podcast? And how to find pod-safe music?”

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