How to Grow Your Podcast Audience

Blue audience crowdToday’s episode of Podcast Insider is here to illuminate how a podcaster can grow their show. Every podcaster wants to know how they can expand their audience and reach; there are several tactics – new and old.

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Today’s Hosts: Mike Dell and MacKenzie Bennett

How to grow your podcast is the age-old question. We have a few tips that may help you get the word out there and to attract more listeners to grow your podcast audience.

Target Audience

  • Growing your audience is difficult if you don’t know who they are in the first place.
  • Stick to your topic and do it well.
  • Your niche will lead you to your people, don’t bother with trying to cater to the masses.

Be Where Your Potential Audience Is

  • Join Facebook groups, forums, and other social media groups around your subject of interest.
  • Comment on your topic on social media. Become well-known for being helpful (don’t just spam the groups)
  • Comment on news articles that apply to your topic. Again, be helpful and thoughtful, and don’t spam
  • Attend trade shows, conferences, and other events around your topic. It’s a great way to network with your given topic group and meet the movers and shakers in that area.

Search-ability (The dreaded SEO)

  • Have a website (as we push all the time)
  • Write articles that are not podcasts on your site to boost search traffic
  • Write good show notes (see our episode on that here)


  • Use what works for your audience. Get on TV or radio. A lot of local TV and Radio shows are looking for guests. Your podcast will get you to be the SME (Subject Matter Expert) on that topic.
  • Write articles for your newspaper (or any newspapers). Sometimes newspapers and news websites will take op-ed style articles. Many with links back to YOUR website and podcast.

Social Media Marketing

  • Work with other podcasters
  • Engage with your audience

It’s fairly easy to grow your podcast audience with old traditional marketing and most importantly, word of mouth.

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