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FormatPodcasts tend to follow a routine or format each episode. Most often this is a good thing for the audience as repetition is conductive to building loyalty. That doesn’t mean you need to stick to the format that you’ve always done. Thanks to Kate from the Pro-Production team for joining Mike this episode, they have some great discussions on podcast format changes, mastermind groups and more.

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Best Practice

Be wary of the so-called podcast mastermind groups. Anyone can call themselves a mastermind, and certainly plenty of podcasters that know a bit about podcasting do call themselves just that. Sometimes these groups and orgs can be very helpful, but a lot of the time, they’re not worth the hype and definitely not worth the money. As you head into the new year with renewed energy, do your research. Keep in mind, this advice also applies to podcast networks.

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The Value of DAI

Question of the Week 

Question: Our podcast uses a rigorous format. I think our listeners will get bored with that over time. When is a good time to switch things up? Also, what is your advice on how to make format changes?

Answer: Always. A basic show format is good to have, but mixing that format up based on the core content of your show is always a good idea. A Blubrry customer, Cancer Covered, is a good example of taking your base format and customizing it for each episode so your listeners have a fresh take and listen to current (and past) episodes with fresh ears. While some things should remain constant, your audio logo for example, swap out other music beds. Offer an “ad free” episode for a week or two and simply give your listeners a great conversation or bit of information. There are lots of ways to keep your show fresh and inviting to your current and new listeners.

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Coming to you this week Kate from the Blubrry Pro-Production Studios in Tecumseh, Michigan & Mike Dell’s World Studio in Traverse City, Michigan. Produced by the Blubrry Pro-Production team.

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