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Networking10 Tips for Networking with Other Podcasters

Whether you are about to attend a huge event such as the fast-approaching Podcast Movement or a small gathering of podcasters in a city near you, there are a few things you can do to make your experience of networking more fun, productive and effective. The good news is that as a whole, the podcast industry is made up of friendly, curious, intelligent people who know that collaboration and connections are what move the pod-world forward. If you are a seasoned networker or can barely step into an event without breaking a sweat, follow these 10 simple tips and your networking experience may pleasantly surprise you. 

Quick Reminder: If you want to be there, you belong there! Many people suffer from imposter syndrome or nerves when socializing and you aren’t alone. Instead of focusing just on yourself, think of how your interaction can be of service to others. Listen to the stories of the people you are talking to, and truly try to connect from a level of seeing what they might need and/or how you can help. Instead of getting overwhelmed and bolting, plan small breaks throughout your networking time where you can get a drink of water and get some fresh air. Enjoy the experience. One of my favorite things about podcasting events is how podcasters tend to subscribe to each other’s shows rather than swap business cards. It goes both ways, so make sure you are connecting with others in a way that you would desire yourself.

1. Make sure you are stocked up on what you need to network. This includes your laptop or notepad, spare pens, phone chargers, business cards and a way to neatly capture the cards of others.

2. Do your homework. Look at the schedule of events before and plan what you want to see/hear and who you might like to try and get to know. Learn a little about them by going to their LinkedIn or podcast/business page to see what they’ve been up to.

3. But be willing to adapt and pivot. Don’t stay at a talk or lecture just because you had told yourself you wanted to go if something new comes along that speaks to your heart even more. 

4. Dress for the type of networking you want. Whether it’s sneakers and a T, or a suit, dress in a way that makes you feel confident and puts your best foot forward. Personally, I’m less excited about networking when my outfit is cutting off circulation or annoying me in some way. I’ll stay longer and be more “myself” when I’m dressed in a way that makes me feel great. 

5. Plan ahead to order and bring merch or promotional products promoting your podcast or company to give to people as you meet them. This can include keychains, stickers, magnets, shirts, or that chapstick that seems to never run out. Keep them handy and ready to give out at a moment’s notice.  

6. Know your numbers. It’s important to arm yourself with information about your show – not that you want to offer it up in casual conversation, but in case you meet someone who wants to know from a business standpoint. This includes your weekly and monthly downloads, your overall demographic, age, location, etc. (made easy by Blubrry Stats), and what hosting platform you are on.

7. Memorize the one- to two-sentence answer for when someone asks you about your podcast. For example, my stock answer when someone asks is: “My show is called Campfire Sht Show. It’s a weekly comedy podcast about the ‘sht show’ moments of life. We interview guests, but also just do episodes where it’s my co-host and me. It’s been going for about five years and I love doing it!” 

8. Use your network. As you talk to others, even if you directly can’t help them along in their mission, you may know someone who can. Make introductions of people who you think could benefit from lifting each other up. 

9. It’s about quality over quantity. At every event, I make it my goal to just meet or talk to two new people. Two. That’s it. To me, that’s a success. It’s not about speed networking or trying to get in front of the most popular person in the room.

10. Network with us! The Blubrry team is super knowledgable, friendly and always ready to high five or just say a friendly hello at networking events. Look for us at Podcast Movement! Follow Blubrry on Podcast Insider to stay up to date on all podcast news while you are enjoying that break. Be sure to follow @Blubrry or @Blubrry_podcasting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Meryl Klemow

Meryl Klemow is a podcast writer, guest booker, and co-host of the Campfire Sht Show podcast. Meryl is a part of the Blubrry content team, and a Senior Copywriter at Podfly Productions. She also has a T-shirt line, Pre-Canceled. Say hi to Meryl on Instagram at @MerylKlemow.