The Best Time To Publish Podcasts – PCI 305

Time clockWhen should you publish your episodes? There might be a best time to publish podcasts, but it requires a bit of digging to find out what is best for you. This episode we discuss publish times, Spotify podcasting progress, Value 4 Value in podcasting and mistakes to avoid when starting your podcast.

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Best Practice

Investigate the Best Time to Publish Your Podcast
You have at least an inkling of when people are listening to your new episodes simply because you have a feel for your audience. But, to get an even better understanding, take a look at your Blubrry stats. Our stats can make it clear the time of day and make adjustments accordingly.

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Blubrry Pro Tip

Avoid this Podcast Mistake that a Young Start-Up Owner Made

Question of the Week

Question: How important is good audio for a podcast?

Answer: Very important. Do your best, but the main thing is do not make it painful to listen to. Bad audio will screw up good content, but good audio will make bad content sound almost good.

Make sure your levels are such that if someone is listening to your show on a play list and it goes to the next show in their list, that the levels do not jump or drop too much. The standard is -16 lufs. If you don’t have a way to check lufs, then -3 to 0 db on a standard meter is close. Auphonic is a good tool to level your audio before the final mp3 output for your podcast.

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