Privacy Concerns in Podcasting – PCI 304

Privacy - lockPrivacy concerns in podcasting have a history of not only being addressed, but the industry has been pro-active about addressing those concerns as well. The IAB Tech Lab released a document about podcast privacy concerns and laid out how they plan to tackle the issue.

Please excuse our technical difficulties today; these things happen to everyone once in a while, even podcast companies.

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Best Practice

Data Driven Decisions

All podcasters have the opportunity to take a moment to thoroughly review their podcast statistics and determine how to move forward. Was it the title, the topic, the guest, the longer or shorter episode?

Blubrry News

  • Blog Post:  Show Me The Monetization by Tara O’Brien
  • Preparing for Podcast Movement
  • We’re meeting for a company gathering soon – let us know if there are any big features or ideas or problems you’d like us to consider for early August

Blubrry Pro Tip

Crucial elements of your podcast

Question of the Week

Question: What happens if I change the file name on a published episode?

Answer:  A few things, but nothing terrible. 

  1. You will have to re-upload and re-link the file in your post
  2. The apps and directories will just start playing the new file just as they played the old one. 
  3. A new entry will be in your stats for the new file name. 

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