Apple Podcasts Search Results – PCI 299

SearchLearning never stops in podcasting. Recently, the team at Apple explained how Apple podcast search works and the results it gives, in terms of user behavior, metadata, and more. Speaking of learning, we go over 3 lessons on audio marketing, tips for respecting your listeners time and some branding recommendations for your podcast.

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Best Practice

Set a podcast mission, similar to a company mission. What do you want your listeners to get out of this podcast and what action steps will you take to make those goals happen?

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Blubrry Pro Tip

Respecting Listeners Time

Question of the Week

Question: Why are all the apps & directories so strict on podcast artwork? What are the rules?

Answer: Apps need to have a consistent aspect ratio. Everyone picked square as it’s the easiest. As far as the content of the image, no rules other than common sense.

As for the technical rules…  The image must be PNG or JPG in RGB.  (lots of letters there) Apple wants between 1400 and 3000px SQUARE images.  All the other apps and directories will take an image in that size range.  BUT the other size thing is file size. Try to make it less than 500kb in size.  It will work a bit larger than that, but no need to have an image that is too big.  Most people are seeing it on their phone screen at 1×1 inch.  My images are all 1400x1400px.  That is good enough and gets the job done.

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