Blubrry Will Implement Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery

This fall, podcasters can submit new shows and premium episodes to Apple Podcasts through Blubrry

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Blubrry Podcasting is delighted to announce support for Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery, to be released later this fall. Delegated Delivery will allow podcast creators to submit, manage and distribute their free/premium episodes all directly through Blubrry.


Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery Benefits and Features

  • Authorize Blubrry to deliver free and premium content to Apple Podcasts
  • Upload and distribute premium content through Blubrry to Apple
    • Using MP3, WAV, and FLAC files
  • Available to all creators for free through Apple Podcasts Connect
    • Apple Podcasters Program membership is required for premium content distribution
  • Overall, easily and quickly distribute free and/or premium content shows to Apple Podcasts from your hosting partner, Blubrry

How Will it Work

Podcasters will authorize Blubrry to distribute their podcast episodes directly to Apple via the Blubrry podcaster dashboard. There will be a few simple steps creators will take connecting Blubrry to Apple Podcasts, but after that it is smooth sailing for submission and publication. 

Who Should Be Utilizing Delegated Delivery

  • Those submitting a completely new show to Apple Podcasts
  • Anyone releasing premium podcast content
  • New podcasters will benefit from the ease of use and time saving capabilities
  • Non-premium shows already submitted and listed on Apple Podcasts do not need to use this feature

When Will it Be Released

Apple has announced Delegated Delivery for podcasts will be available in fall of 2022. As we get closer to the launch of Delegated Delivery, Blubrry will be releasing instructions, documentation and a video or two on how to submit directly through Blubrry’s podcaster dashboard. This will be exclusively for Blubrry hosting customers and found in the destinations section of the podcaster dashboard, not in PowerPress (but, never say never).


As always, our support team will be ready to help with any issues that arise using this new feature; however we expect a smooth process from Blubrry to Apple, as this will be even easier than the current submission process to the Apple Podcasts directory.

Check back here regularly for more details about the process after the launch this fall. We’re a provider partner with Apple Podcasts, which means all of our services are guaranteed to work smoothly with their platform. We look forward to seeing just how easy this will make it for creators to Publish, Analyze and Grow their show with Blubrry’s integrations.