RIP the iPod 2001-2022 – PCI 294

iPod timelineAn essential part of how podcasting came to be, the iPod, is no longer. Apple has decided to discontinue making and selling iPod Touches, the most recent iteration of the original iPod. Along with news from Apple, big things are happening at Sounds Profitable, with Tom Webster leaving Edison and joining their team.

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Tom Webster is partnering up with Sounds Profitable
Apple says no more iPods. Rip the iPod!
Geek News Central 1,600 episodes!
Listener retention is podcasting’s biggest challenge
• Online background noise remover for $7.99 monthly, Noise Destroyer
Podcasters are earning more than $40,000 a day with boosts
Podcast advertising reaches $1.4 billion
Joe Rogan has the last laugh with more listeners
• Fun site:  Podcast Details 

Best Practice

If you are going to miss a show, schedule a backup host, do a replay, or pre-record if you can. Staying on schedule is important because people build your show into their lives. If you skip too much, they will drop off.

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  • Blog Post: Podfaded at Podfest –  by Kim Krajci
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  • Todd and MacKenzie will be at ATD in Orlando next week
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Liz Brunner – Blubrry’s April Podcaster of the Month

Question of the Week

From Neil Smith at the Dandy Fun House podcast…
Question: There is a discussion on one of the podcast forums today where someone is claiming that PowerPress generates RSS feeds. I’ve used it for years with my own RSS feed address and have never heard of it having this capability.  Does PowerPress generate RSS feeds?

Answer: Yes, sort of. PowerPress generates a podcast-only RSS feed for your podcast. That means any posts that have enclosures (podcast episode files linked) will show in this special feed, but other posts that do not have media attached will not.  This RSS feed is BASED on the stock WordPress site feed. PowerPress also can add podcast-related tags to any feed on WordPress.

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