Remote Podcast Recording Tips – PCI 268

One of the greatest benefits of audio shows is the ability of remote podcast recording. The ability to bring any hosts, guests, etc. together for a podcast is easily one of the most advantageous factors of the medium. And it can be quite easy. We recommend some tips for any remote recording you’ll be doing for your show.

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Best Practice

Remote recording of podcast guests (or if you are a guest) 

  • Do not use Bluetooth or wifi to record interviews.
  • Use a wired connection to a computer.

    • Wifi can lag in time causing uncomfortable gaps and talking over each other.
  • Do not use Apple AirPods or any other Bluetooth microphone or headset.

    • Bluetooth lag can be as bad as wifi lag
  • Use a USB microphone if possible.
    • Some hosts have a couple of mics they will send out to guests before interviews.
  • Or call in using a cell phone, the audio will be better that way.
  • Be sure to do a quick test record.

Blubrry News

  • Blog post: How to be a great podcast guest – by Meryl Klemow
  • Our next webinar, Podcasting With WordPress and PowerPress is Nov. 30th at 3:30pm
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  • PowerPress 8.7.5 is out. More bug fixes
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Question(s) of the Week

Question: How can I get a PowerPress shortcode to work on the WordPress web page to show a list of the recent episodes?

Answer: First, Enable the “PowerPress Playlist” in the advanced menu of PowerPress settings. Then, put

shortcode on the page you want to use it on. That will, by default, give you a list of the last 10 episodes. You can change the number of episodes and a few other things by adding to the shortcode. Information about all the options are on this page.

Bonus Support Topic: Put your email in your feed settings. 


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