Blubrry’s New Dashboard – PCI 260

It’s a day of celebration at Blubrry, our new dashboard has been released and we’re so excited for users to start using it on a regular basis. Modernization, simplification, piece of cake. Whatever you want to call it, we hope any user enjoys Blubrry’s new dashboard and we talk about some of the features included and more on this episode. Check it out now!

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Best Practice

Preparing the whole team (if you have a team) for your episode

  • Make sure the hosts have a plan (show outline or at least the topics you want to cover)
  • Anyone helping with social media, let them in on what you are planning for your episode so they can plan to promote it

Blubrry News



Meet the team, Mandy Moore – Marketing Intern

Question(s) of the Week

Question: (from the Facebook group) My show has 800 episodes. I can only send up 300 max to be available. And old episodes DO get listened to. I’m thinking of making a 2nd podcast channel – called maybe The Chris Voss Show Archives? So I can have a feed of the older stuff? What do you think? I swear I heard of someone doing this?

Answer: 90% of shows globally deliver 90% of their lifetime download within the first 96 hours so it’s really a matter are you truly getting significant downloads for that old catalog. It’s very very rare for a show to have that type of organic long tail reach.

The 300 is a practical limit, not a true hard limit but I’m going to guess if you set it to 800 or 1000 the feed would be too large for any app to pull effectively.  

For those shows with long-tail, this gives your listeners a reason to go to your site. ALL your episodes are available on your site.


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