Is It Time To Try a New Podcast App? – PCI 257

Many podcast listeners are dedicated to one specific podcast listening app. But, is it time to try a new podcast app? This goes for any podcast listener. Many changes have been made to apps recently and the true function of the RSS feed and subscribing have been changing in the past few years. No better time than now to encourage your listeners, friends, family, etc to try out a new podcast app.

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Best Practice

Encourage your listeners to to try another podcast app

With Apple Podcasts now delaying the release of new episodes, even to “Followers” of your podcast, maybe it’s time to try another app and encourage your listeners to do the same. Apps like Overcast for iOS are direct subscribing apps that allow you to get the episodes as soon as they are released instead of waiting the 4-24 hours or more that it takes Apple to update.

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Question(s) of the Week

Question: How early ahead of time should I submit my podcast to Apple, Spotify, etc if we have a specific launch date?

Answer: Apple says 1-5 business days, Spotify isn’t specific but if submitted though Blubrry, it will be up within 2 days. What I would suggest is do you trailer or episode zero and submit the feed to all places at least 7 days ahead.


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