Focus on Features: Blubrry Advanced Stats

Focus on Features is an ongoing series that explores the catalog of tools/services offered by Blubrry.

For years, Blubrry has provided industry-leading download stats to podcasters. Tracking downloads is an excellent way to see how a show is being consumed. But download numbers alone are only part of the picture. Blubrry developed Advanced Stats to give podcasters playback insights that go beyond the download.

What it is: Blubrry Free Stats and Blubrry Standard Stats provide total download numbers. Advanced Stats include a breakdown of those totals, including partial downloads and specific playback data. These additional metrics show how many downloads were only partially completed, as well as the playback point where some listeners stopped listening to your episodes.

How it works: Blubrry Advanced Stats are available to all Blubrry Media Hosting customers for an additional $5.00 monthly fee. Once activated, Advanced Stats are immediately available within the Blubrry Podcaster Dashboard.

What it isn’t: Blubrry provides media-consumption statistics only. Blubrry Stats aren’t for “feed hits” or “subscriber counts.” Also, Blubrry values listener privacy and doesn’t employ user tracking or attribution technology.

If your show’s audience hasn’t been growing at the rate you’d hoped, or even if things are moving at a good pace, you can never have too much information on how your audience engages with your show. Sign up for Blubrry Advanced Stats today and unlock the insights that can help take your show to the next level!