Back in the Columbus Office – PCI 249

Blubrry Podcast StudioPodcast studios need adjustments and tuning up every once in a while, and definitely at least once every 15 months, which is what we did at the Blubrry studio. Todd made his first trip back to the Columbus office and not only fixed all of the mistakes MacKenzie made moving microphones, but gave it a nice cleaning.

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Recorded live from two well-separated and socially distanced podcast studios in northern and southern Michigan; here’s Podcast Insider.

No live recording this week.


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  • Blog Post: 3 keys to develop your podcast content, by Kim Krajci.
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Dave ClementsMeet the Team –  Dave Clements

Dave’s podcast, Playing Games with Strangers 

Question(s) of the Week 

Question: From Facebook: Anyone podcast while they travel with a co-host in a different location? What software do you use?

Answer:, Zoom (meeting software), Skype (with call recorder), or Streamyard. Bring a decent mic with you when you travel. Also, don’t forget the headphones! Todd uses an ATR2100 USB microphone and Mike uses an SM58 with a Zoom H5 recorder as an audio interface. Those work with the above software to record.


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