Can You Moderate a Podcast? PCI – 231

two sided scalePodcasters can say anything they want; that’s a good thing and a bad thing sometimes. Moderating or moderators for podcasting currently does not exist and is questionable of whether it ever will. Mike and MacKenzie discuss this and more, such as podcasts and pets – are they the similar?

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Best Practice:

Is there a best time of day to release your episodes?

  • Short answer…  no, not really.
  • Longer answer…  It’s best to pick a day or time that works for your production schedule and your audience.
  • Podcast listening is a non-real-time thing. If you are consistent on what day(s) and times you publish, your listeners will know to expect a new episode at a particular time which will let them build you into their schedule. Just about any time is a good time, just try to be somewhat consistent. This also helps some of the syndication points (like Apple Podcasts) update quicker as they will learn when to expect new content and pull it into their directories (don’t rely on this, it doesn’t always work).

Blubrry News:

Question(s) of the Week 

Question: Chris on Facebook: I normally keep 300 episodes in my RSS feed. All my episodes are on my website in the episode posts. I’m thinking about dumping down to just serving just the last 100 or less. What are your thoughts?

Answer: via Todd: 90% of podcasts globally get 90% of their lifetime downloads within the first 96 hours. I only have 40 episodes in my feed and I am on episode 1509 (Geek News Central).

If you have written good show notes with a good episode title and a good first paragraph Google will drive traffic to those older episodes. If you are keeping it at 300, be sure to use the episode maximizer feature in PowerPress.

From Mike: I agree with Todd on this. Keeping 300 is most-likely not needed as most people will never go back that far in an RSS feed, some might but it all depends on the type of content. News or topical shows aren’t long-tail, however some narrative-type podcasts, how-to or informational shows (where the info does not go out of date) may have more of a need to go to the full 300.

This show, Podcast Insider, has 52 episodes in the feed, a year’s worth. The rest (179 episodes) are available on our website. This keeps the feed’s loading speed faster and the file size smaller.

On the next Podcast Help Desk episode: Taking a break from podcasting.


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